"Lights, Camera, Speak!" 2020 


Students and teachers from public and private institutions all over the country have amazed us with their outstanding productions that reflect great effort, commitment and learning.

It was very hard to choose the winners from a total of more than 200 videos and podcasts received.

Congratulations to all participants!

We are proud to announce the podium:

"Lights, camera, speak!" was organized by our PADs Analía Piantanida, Simone Masullo and María José Martínez. 

Enjoy the videos!!! 

Ciclo Básico 

Meet Lucas Medina, our first place in CB from Liceo N2 in Tacuarembó. Enjoy it! 

Meet Santiago Castelnoble, a fantastic interviewer from Liceo de Vichadero in Rivera, "Interview with Michael Jackson" 2nd place CB 

Enjoy this Tutorial Video entitled "Mindustry" by Joaquín Palomino from liceo 5 in Maldonado. 3rd place 


Meet Germán Crapuchet , a fourth grader from Colegio Sagrado Corazón in Montevideo with his film review "Coraline". A must watch! 1st place BD 

Everybody's got a favourite place in the world. Meet Lautaro Umpierrez telling us about his favourite place! Enjoy it! 2nd place BD from Liceo de Punta del Este in Maldonado. 

Booking a holiday, Podcast with avatars by 4th graders Nazarena and Anabella from Colegio Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe- Canelones. 3rd place.