Let's Celebrate Our Teaching!


Teachers' challenge - 2020

We invite you to have some fun and relax by participating in a challenge for Secondary school English teachers, it can be individually or in groups.

The teachers or groups that participate will send a virtual presentation that can be made using PowerPoint, Padlet, a video, or through any other digital tool. The presentation will be exchanged with a colleague from another part of the country. You are invited to include different aspects of your teaching practices.

Let's know each other and share:

A)  -What you love about teaching.

      -Something that you have learned about teaching during the quarantine.

      -An anecdote that happened to you during these months.

B) Finally, send a virtual present to your colleague. (It can be a quote that is meaningful to you, a  YouTube video that you find worthy, a song that you like, etc. We invite you to be creative with your gift!) 

The presentations will be received up to September 25th, 2020. To participate please send:

  • An email with your personal information (Full name, city, province, highschool, groups that you teach, cellphone) the video and the virtual gift to: teacherschallenge 2020@gmail.com
  • Just by sending the presentation, you will be allowing the committee to send it to another participant.